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Random rant to Jason on facebook

lol It totally is =D
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‘Cause basically I have nothing to do with my life right now but waste it on twitter. I had to move back to my parents cause I lost my job and its so far out in the wilderness that I can’t even hope to correct my position at present. It is a 2 hour ride in to town. The unemployment rate here is 28% in the cities and a staggering 46% in rural areas. Everyone is on welfare and unemployment and the state said yesterday on June 1st we are out of money. Basically its the land of terror. There are more abandoned houses in our neighborhood then there are foreclosures, and even less still with residents.

Seriously, men weep and children starve in the streets. We spend the day watching Detroit crumble off the horizon and wilderness creep back over the edges of our towns. Its the end of the world man.

I spent the last 50$ I had on film and I wander around looking for work and photograph civilization fall apart around me. Its rather morbid but kind of crazy to watch the reverberations of a principal industry crumbling to dust. Truly the auto industry right now is like watching the sole mobile person of a family of invalids take a mortal wound to the chest; its not so much the horror before your eyes but the totalization of every drop of blood you see evacuate the body is another irreplaceable drop you stand further from any means of reciprocity. The pecuniary liquidity that feeds the very base of our being has been more reallocated, redirected, restructured, and paid out in obscene golden parachutes then the water of the Colorado. And like the river that carved the canyons of the west the reckless scheming and avaricious designs of covetous thieves have desiccated the economic bodies that support us; As water of the river will never again reach the sea, The people of Michigan will never again collect their livelihood from any endeavor we may presently bring to bear.

Unfortunately the dispensation of an economy is nothing like the drainage of a river. There is no simple obstruction no clear to reinvest the vital liquidity in to our withered arteries.

Other then that everything is sly =P
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We run this shit

We run this shit.

Iowa basicly just blew it all open.

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