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Supercontinent with Oceans, A Working Model, and Balboa

Randomness from the Blind Pig. I could write a lovely little the lights come up as a nervous Balboa takes the stage… piece, but I don’t really feel like it. So you’ll just have to deal with a summary.

Oceans side in some premium post-rock goodness.


I’m not gonna talk about these guys. Heavy screamers, their show was meh.

Some bands play to their audience, others play for their audience. Ocean plays for their audience. Despite playing their entire set with backs to the crowed, Ocean was really the only band that caught my interest last night. Definitely post rock but with a lean to fuzzy shoegazer rock, Oceans use of the violin to create melodic tension is premium. Wide post-rock fuzz washes over your ears as sweeping violin phrases drift in and out of the distortion, all brought together by the melodic dissonance of the bright guitar phrases contrasted agents a hazy shoegaizerish texture.

A Working Model
I’m always disappointed by situations like this. The boys in Model take the stage with lots of fancy expensive gear and proceed to just be awful. Despite not being able to keep time and being slightly off key, I kind of liked them at first. They took a moment to tune up after their first song, I stood there thinking, “Oh yeah, now they will get it together,” ’cause you can’t really judge a band that gets on with no sound check and just goes for it on their first song. But, alas the started their second track tightened up and tuned up but… The more they played, the less I liked them. They started their third song with the guitar player saying, “Well I guess I better sing for you now,” and all I could think was I don’t think that will be necessary. But he did it anyway. About half way through their set I realized that they think they are really great, like gods gift to prog rock. This is also when I realized that they play like assholes. I’d give them a second chance if they happened to be somewhere I was chilling, but for the most part I nor my friends where impressed.

Ok, so I’ll admit: I was at the pool tables for the first half of supercontinents set. I have only one word to describe them. HEAVY. Despite some time keeping issues, and not really being a fan of Metal, these boys from Ann Arbor can rock. The entire crowd was feeling them. Heads banging in time, even the emos where getting into it. These guys put on a show and you won’t regret spending some time with their power chords and harsh vocals. Supercontinent is a premium act.


Dear Science,


Dear Science,

Dear Science,

Ok so I have been working my way thru Rolling Stones Top 50 Albums of 2008 and #1 is Dear Science, by TV on the Radio and well… I don’t agree. I really want some one to explain to me why this album is so great. It may not be #1 for everyone but its the top 5 on all of the major lists.

I think that 2004’s Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes is the band at its best. I mean its a really solid album with a really nice tension and texture that slides across all of the tracks. In comparison Dear Science, seems well… mediocre. I mean I still like it but #1? I don’t know what my #1 is yet but i’ll let you know when I do. Has this just been a bad year for music? Or am I missing some thing brilliant about this album?

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